"Do What We Must"    motivates and guides the work of our team throughout the country.
Change is in the air:
Pratham – transforming a small step into a giant leap

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We provide employment to 10,000 women who work with us on a daily basis.
We work with 400,000+ unpaid volunteers. There is 1 volunteer in 308,671 out of the 600,000 villages of India.
Vision & Mission
Pratham’s mission is to ensure “Every Child in School and Learning Well ”. 
The organization is founded on the firm belief that education is the fundamental right of every child and no child should be deprived of this basic right simply because he/she does not have access to it or does not have the resources to realize his/her dreams.

The principal focus of our programs is to ensure quantum and visible improvement in the enrolment and learning levels of the underprivileged children.

The key principles which have guided the evolution of our programs over the years are:
  1. Generating a societal mission is a necessary means of achieving the broad goal of universal pre-school and primary school education.
  2. Creating an impact on a large scale is essential to bring about a perceptible change.
  3. Creating low cost models is critical to ensure sustainability and replicability of interventions. 
We believe in a societal mission where citizens come together to ensure that India’s children have a better future. The organization is based on a triangular partnership: the government, the corporate sector and the citizens. In many cities, the corporate leaders have taken the lead, the government has responded by opening its schools and sharing its facilities, and the community volunteers, mostly young enthusiastic women from slums, help implement the Pratham programs. Pratham also firmly believes in working with the government to bring about large scale and rapid changes. The programs therefore aim to supplement and not supplant the governmental efforts in univeralising primary education.

We have constantly been guided by the belief that solutions to fill the gaps in the education system should be available even in the remotest part of the country – from the toughest terrains, to violence affected regions. These models should be low-cost so that they can be implemented anywhere and scaled up to achieve large scale impact. We have demonstrated through our various programs that large scale mobilization around the issue of learning is not only possible, but also essential in order to address the overall issue of education in the country.

18 years after it’s formation, the Pratham movement has become a pan-Indian movement reaching millions of children across 19 states. Our programs are designed to address a gamut of educational problems – pre-school education, learning support to both in-school and out of school children, mainstreaming of out-of-school children, computer literacy, vocational training for youth and special programs for vulnerable and working children.