Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children

The Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children (PCVC) started its outreach program in Mumbai in the year 2001. For almost three years the focus was on working children in the city of Mumbai, who were mainly found to have been trafficked from different parts of the country. Facilitation of the task force formation under the Government of Maharashtra has resulted in the rescue and rehabilitation of almost 45,000 working children in the city to date. It was a felt need to trace the roots of these children and work in the source sending states from where the children belonged. In this view the work was expanded to the source states.

Today, PCVC is operational in 7 states (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa), reaching out to about 60,000 children in urban and rural areas through direct programs such as Drop In Centers, Educational Support Classes, Residential Shelters, Child Rights Desks, Focus City-Block Interventions and about 120,000 children through child rights awareness sessions in schools, communities and villages.

PCVC Objectives

  • Reach out and address issues of all vulnerable children
  • Prevent children from entering the labour market
  • Withdraw child workers and other vulnerable children from work or any exploitative situations
  • Prepare children to be mainstreamed and sustained into Formal School – Monitor and improve their learning level
  • Raise awareness on child rights issues (child labour, child abuse, disability, etc.)
  • Advocacy with the Government

PCVC also plays a key role in influencing polices related to working children. PCVC has become a key partner with state governments in drafting official protocol in dealing with rescued children and advising legislation concerning child labour. In addition, they are working on replicable task force models with the government and advocacy and policy changes to ensure that the cities that they are working in are Child Labour Free.

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