we have just 16 computers per 1000 people only 2.2%
of public schools have Computers an average 5 / 10 children share a single PC Central Government budgets only Rs 950 per school to
set up computers

Availability, Access & Penetration Is Abysmally Low
Computer Aided Learning
This is a school based program which caters to school going children from 6-18 age group with about 40% children in secondary school age.

The objective of this program is
1) to impact childrens basic learning levels using IT and
2) to give them relevant IT knowledge and skills.

Through its school based computer labs, this program reaches out to close to 90,000 children across 7 states. This program also tries to improve schools performance by encouraging them to adopt various IT solutions like MIS, Database etc and to get teachers to adopt technology through teacher training. A nominal fee of Rs. 10/25 is charged every month and is reinvested into the program. Each center serves approximately 500 students where a maximum of 2 children work on each computer. Each child attends the center for two hours each week. The curriculum includes, software developed by Pratham in local languages that helps build the reading and math skills of the children.