Young volunteers answer the call for Pratham

Pratham volunteers Larah Varghese, James Sebastian and Eric Huttman saw an opportunity to raise money for Pratham by asking people to donate their old phones to be recycled. "Donating phones for charity is a new concept, and it seems to be an effective one. Since many of us change phones on a yearly basis, we usually have two or three phones just lying around the house." said Eric, a student at University College School in North London. Eric made a presentation at his school outlining the recycling initiative and talked about the work that
Pratham does. He collected 60 phones from his school friends within 2 weeks which is a fantastic effort! In his own words, Eric was inspired to help Pratham because "You hear about many charities that focus on giving financial aid to people in deprived areas of the world, but I had not come across any that focus explicitly on literacy. This issue of literacy is one that we in the Western world take very much for granted. The fact that Pratham's efforts focus on this really drew me towards it." Well done Eric!”

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