Pratham Rajasthan

Education Outlook for Rajasthan 2011

As per the 2001 Census, Rajasthan has a literacy rate of 61.03%. According to the recent, ASER Report 2010, only 35.7% of children in Std. III in Rajasthan can read Std 1 level text and 34% of children in Std III still cannot recognize numbers between 11 and 99. Issues remain at higher-level competencies – 32.8% of children in Std. V cannot do basic division.

Pratham in Rajasthan this Year

Geographical Coverage : 3330 schools across 15 Blocks
Children Reached: 49,520
Volunteers Mobilized: 3,782
  • Pratham is currently running the ‘Read India’ (RI) program under 9 BEPs and 2 DRCs. 1 volunteers per school is mobilized in every school to teach a group of 20 – 25 children, who are all well below their expected grade level competencies. The volunteer teaches children in Classes 1 & 2, focusing on basic literacy numeracy skills. The volunteers also prepare SRCs (School Report Cards) and discuss with SMCs (School Management Committee) and parents.
  • As part of Read India Campaign, Pratham Rajasthan has signed a 3 year MoU with Government of Rajasthan on 23rd August 2011 for 2926 schools in 9 blocks of Block Excellence Program (BEP) and 2 Blocks of District Resource Centre (DRC). The team has trained approx 2500 teachers in 11 Blocks on assessment and Pratham’s CAMaL methodology. The Rajasthan Government supports the cost of Teaching Material and Teacher Training costs.
  • Education for Education (EfE) program has been implemented to build capacity of volunteers of Read India in 11 Blocks. Currently Basic computer course is being offered to the volunteers. In total, 1834 Volunteers have been covered under the Programme.
  • 9 Urban Learning Centre (ULC) are running under urban programs in Jaipur and Bikaner districts. The ULC program in Jaipur and Bikaner adopts a tutorial model, where children are given help where required. These programs operate out of Pratham’s own centers, located in urban slums. Pratham pays teachers for programs a nominal sum, in order to motivate their teaching as well as to give them a form of self-sustenance. The teachers are young women and men from the local communities.
  • Under the Science Project, 22 school and community based Science Clubs have been formed. The team has also organized 22 Science Fairs thus far. More than 420 volunteers have demonstrated science activities to 4848 students, 248 parents and 182 Government School teachers.
  • The Mother Literacy Project (MLP) is to be implemented in 240 villages. MPL is currently in the Pilot Phase. Under the pilot, 922 mothers have been enrolled in literacy classes and other activities geared towards improving the home learig environment.

Future Plans

Pratham plans to set up ‘PRATAP’ Centres (Pratham Training, Assessment and Placement Centre) in order to begin its transition to a post-secondary institution which will not only be accessible to volunteers but to all youth. These centres will be run in conjunction with the EFE program initially. At this time, a village census has been conducted, which includes details of proximity, travel times, and travel costs from villages to proposed EFE centres.