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The annual nationwide ASER Survey (Annual Status of Education Report) on learning levels in India states that only 53.4% of children in Grade V in India can read a Grade II level text. Through its flagship Read India program, Pratham attempts to address this problem by mobilizing communities and the Government to get involved in the process of primary education. Pratham currently reaches 2.2 million children in more than 25,000 villages spread across 20 states through the Read India Program. More than 62,000 unpaid volunteers, mostly young men and women, provide after-school or in some places in-school support to children who are struggling in school. Through the Read India program, Pratham hopes to fulfill its mission - “Every child in school and learning well.” Pratham is a widely recognized organization, having received notable awards such as the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Henry R Kravis Prize in Leadership and the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year for Public Service

At  Pratham  it is our constant endeavour to recruit people to join the Pratham Movement.We believe in recruiting the best talent while seeking diversity so that we gain by your respective expertise and ensure you grow with us as a more capable professional. Please click on the respective opening to read the complete Job Description. The interested candidate may mail their resume to contact info metioned in the descriptions.

To apply for positons, please send your resumes with a cover letter to Please do mention you preferred location and program you would like to be associated with. We will get in touch with you if there are any openings.

Current positions available:

Associate, Research Unit, ASER Centre

PCVC Associate Monitoring & Reporting

Pratham Institute: Fee Recovery Associate

Assistant Program Coordinator, English Access Microscholarship Program

Senior Associate - Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation, ASER Centre

Associate - Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation, ASER Centre

Pratham Institute: Program Analyst – Reporting & Review

Pratham Institute: Regional Head - Beauty Program

Associate – Program Management, Pratham

Assistant Program Coordinator, English Access Microscholarship Program  

Pratham Associate Developer - Technology Team