Pratham Institute
Pratham Institute for Literacy, Education and Vocational Training

At Pratham Institute for Literacy, Education and Vocational Training, we work across the country to provide individuals with the employability skills needed to address India’s growing need for skilled manpower. Between now and 2025 over 250 million young people are estimated to enter the Indian workforce, while only 5% of youth aged 20-24 have obtained vocational skills through a formal training system. In order to prepare youth for the demands of the job market, India needs to:
  • Expand vocational training and skill development for high growth sectors

  • Set standards for training to ensure quality and provide accountability

Pratham’s Youth Skilling Program was therefore launched in 2005 with a mission to create sustainable programs for training and retraining of youth for employability or entrepreneurship.

Our target students are typically those who have dropped out of school or have only completed their formal education up to the 8th or 10th standard. These are usually youth who are eager to learn but are often forced to leave their education midway to cater to family and financial needs.

Our training centers are spread across 21 states in India. We have trained over 12,000 students till date in various skills through our Industry specific courses in Hospitality, Construction, Automotive and Bedside Assistance. We also run Entrepreneurship programs in Beauty to cater to people who have an entrepreneurial mind set and want to set up their own practices. We have also trained over 60,000 people in digital literacy through our Education for Education Program. These Education Entrepreneurs in turn mobilize and train our students in our Foundation Course for Employability (FCE) program. FCE imparts basic employability skills to youth to gain employment in the service industry, including retail, FMCG, banking and insurance, through modules in Regional Language Skills, Mathematics, English and Personality Development, while also preparing them for further industry specific training.

We also help place, both youth whom we have trained, as well as those who have attended our awareness centers and FCE programs, in conjunction with our placement partners. We have tie-ups with several industry leaders in the sectors we offer vocational training in, such as Taj for Hospitality, Larsen & Toubro for Construction and Tata Motors for Automotive, who function as both knowledge and placement partners.

In addition, we are now looking to provide career guidance and vocational counseling to our students at every stage of their career. The counselor will guide youth on different vocational courses suitable to their competencies and provide information about employment opportunities in various fields.  They will look into the candidates’ interests, family background, competencies, and willingness to migrate to other towns and cities, before discussing employment options.

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