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Children First: A Campaign by PCVC

The Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children(PCVC) has noticed that there has been an alarming increase in the number of crimes committed against children in every strata of society, in recent times and it is an undisputed fact that child protection and safety is an issue of utmost importance that needs to be addressed urgently.

PCVC along with various child rights groups, members of the civil society and partnership with the state government intends to launch a city wide campaign in Mumbai called – ‘Children First.’

The campaign will be conducted in two phases

Phase I – This phase will focus on creating safety nets within the community, by institutionalizing existing groups like child protection vigilance groups formed by Pratham, CCDT, UNICEF and other NGOs, in addition to strengthening existing mechanisms and advocating for changes in laws and policies. Focus will also be on making other groups like women’s groups, self-help groups and resident welfare associations aware of child protection and safety and make this issue a priority for them.

Phase II – This phase two will focus on child in institutions: There are many issues plaguing institutions, like lack of quality institutional care, lack of facilities and support systems for children etc. In institutions, there is a lot of work being done by government and civil society organisations; we are aiming at strengthening the current action along with starting new initiatives to address the issues of quality care and abuse. The proposed plan will be done in partnership with CCVC, quality institutional care networks and child protection networks.

Child in schools: At schools, we want to focus on corporal punishment; school environment (infrastructure, transport, etc) and how to make the school environment friendly for the child.

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