Support children in urban areas through the urban programs (Balwadis, Libraries, Learning Support Classes):

- Rs. 1200 supports one child for one year

- Rs. 6000 supports 5 children for one year
- Rs. 24,000 supports one class (20 children) for one year  

Support children in rural areas through the Read India campaign:

- Rs. 100 supports one child for one year

- Rs. 1000 supports 10 children for one year
- Rs. 2500 supports one village (25 children) for one year
- Rs. 20 lakhs supports one district (20,000 children) for one year  

Support children learn English through the English program:

- Rs. 1,225 supports one child for one year

- Rs. 5,625 supports 5 children for one year
- Rs. 22,5000 lakhs supports one class for one year  

Support Pratham

You can make a difference! Support Us!

Pratham's goal is to ensure that every child in India is in school and learning well. We need your support to help us reach this goal! 

You can be involved with Pratham in many ways:

Your contribution will provide us with financial support to run our programs such as pre-schools, community libraries, the Read India, computer  aided literacy, PCVC, Pratham books etc. Although an unrestricted donation helps us makes the most judicious use of your donation, please do let us know if you would like us to direct your donation for a specific location or program. However, if the location/program, of your choice has already been picked by another donor, we will use your donation towards another location/program.

For Indian Nationals: All donations in Indian rupees are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G.

All donations made for Read India are 100% tax emept under section 35 A(C).

For Foreign Nationals/NRI's
Please visit as per your country of residence. All donations to Pratham USA and Pratham UK are eligible for tax exemption in the respective countries.

To Donate,

Through Cheques / Bank Drafts,
Click Here

To make online payments,

For India Click Here (Please contact us on

For Pratham USA Click Here

For Pratham UK Click here

You can work with us either directly on the field or help us in with  backend projects. Please write to us at  about your interest and the time you would like to spend with us and one of our volunteer coordinators will get in touch with you soon.

Click here to download the Volunteer form

Hold a fund-raising event
You can help in organizing a fundraising event for Pratham. If you would like to raise funds for Pratham by taking part in a sporting event (e.g. a marathon) or holding a fundraising party for your friends and colleagues, please write to us at 

Visit a Pratham site: We welcome you to visit our programs and witness the change that is taking place at the ground and also see what impact your donations are making. To schedule a visit, email us at with details of your location and the dates of your trip and one of our visit co-ordinators will revert to you.

Join Us
If you would like to join the Pratham movement and work with us, please send  your resume and your preferred area and state of interest to and we will revert to you.