Our work spans 2 decades, 20 states and millions of children each year. Partner with us, thus giving us the opportunity to reach out to many more.
Our history with corporations
In 1995, Mumbai's slums were faced with acute shortage of access: access to pre-schools for the thousands resident children. With the support of Maharashtra government, UNICEF and civil society, we tackled the problem by converting community spaces within the slums into learning havens called balwadis.

This was 2 decades ago.

Using simple tools and low-cost demonstration models that work at-scale, we have now spread to 20 states with support from corporations, international organisations and individuals.

Our first Board of Directors was headed by Mr. S.P. Godrej. He handed the baton to Mr.NarayananVaghul, then chairman of ICICI Ltd. Under his leadership, Prathamgained visibility and thereby support from various corporates who believed in our mission of 'every child in school and learning well.

Today, our Board is led by Mr. Ajay Piramal and a distinguished group of professionals from the corporate sector. We have gained not only financial support, but also expertise that has helped expand Pratham's portfolio of activities for the marginalised.
How we engage with you
Corporate Social Responsibility with Pratham
We invite the business community to champion our cause going forward. Help us learn and implement better, innovate and deepen our impact, share your time and ideas to give children and youth in our country the opportunities they deserve.

Choose to support an existing program or take our interventions to a new location -giving back with Pratham will undoubtedly lead to impact on the ground.

You can:
Support any of our current programmes and help us impact on scale.
Utilize a combination of our projects to create a customized initiative for your organization in a location of your choice.
Partner with ASER Centre, the research and evaluation unit of Pratham, to set up systematic measurement, monitoring and evaluation systems for any of your existing projects.
As an industry expert, become our Knowledge Partner to share yourexpertise and technical know-how and provide financial assistance to help set up a vocational training courses under Pratham Institute.
Pratham has perfected the 'low cost, yet replicable and scalable' model of project implementation. This inherent attribute ensures that that your contributions are maximized to impact more lives. Understand the CSR Clause in more detail. Click Here

Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.


Where ever there has been a need. Pratham has innovated and tried to be there'.
-Ajay G. Piramal (Chairman, Pratham Education Foundation)