We believe in measuring impact and making changes on the ground on a real time basis.

How We Measure

While implementing on scale, Pratham simultaneously focuses on collecting and analyzing data and using evidence to inform.

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299 Recent Reports

This section includes recent reports of Pratham's various programmes.

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Case Studies

We're changing the system and the prospect of millions. Here are a few case studies of children and youth who have been impacted by Pratham's programs

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299 Documents

This section includes reports and other documents supporting Pratham's various programmes.

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FOR YEAR 2017-18
geographic spread
23 States & Union Territories
direct teaching-learning interventions
Children Reached
Youth Trained
No. of Dropouts enrolled
partnerships with government
Children Reached
6.8 million
No. of children
(community based)
More than 8 million children and youth reached across the country
A video to give you a quick glimpse of what happened when the Bihar government and Pratham worked together using Pratham's effective methods of improving learning outcomes.