Learning with Vodafone (LWV) is a Pratham initiative in partnership with Vodafone Foundation to positively impact the learning levels of the students in middle schools (government and low cost private schools) through introduction of digital devices and content in classrooms. The program provides teachers with access to technology and digital content as well as methodologies for ensuring participative and productive classroom sessions.
Middle schools in India often are constrained by teacher capability especially with respect to subject matter or content knowledge and opportunities for using innovative pedagogical practices. The LWV program aims to overcome these gaps by giving teachers access to technology (and through it, to information) so that classrooms can be more interactive and learning can be more effective.
LWV implements a teacher support model based on the TPACK (Technology-Pedagogy-Content Knowledge) approach developed by Matthew J Koehler & Punya Mishra of Michigan State University in 2007. According to this approach, a teacher's understanding of educational technology, pedagogical and content knowledge combine to generate effective teaching and learning. LWV has further added the dimension of outcome based networking to generate a model known as NE-TPACK (NETWORKING-TECHNOLOGY-PEDAGOGY-CONTENT KNOWLEDGE). Apart from providing training to teachers on aspects of Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge; this program also initiates them to network with other teachers in their school for creating collaborative projects driven by technology. This enables other teachers to interact with technology and thereby is a step towards sustainability of the initiative.

Each school covered by the program is provided with a tablet pre-loaded with content which can be accessed through a customized mobile application named 'Learning with Vodafone'. The teacher is the primary user of the tablet for in-classroom teaching. A television is provided for displaying digital content and a 3G enabled SIM card enables access to the internet for additional information.

The program provides curriculum aligned digital content for Math and Science for Grades 6 - 8 in Hindi, English and Marathi. The LWV team conducts teacher training in the use of the technology and its integration with regular classroom practices; and provides regular in-classroom support through program associates. Government and low cost private schools participate in LWV.
Reach and Scale
The program is working with 1020 schools in 8 states in India. The program works with over 90,000 students and 2,500 teachers.
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Learning with Vodafone