Project Read India started in 2007 and has worked to help children in primary schools learn reading, writing, and basic math. After finding successful solutions for primary education over the last nine years, Pratham has ventured further into the upper primary education system.


ASER 2013 reveals that about 26% of children in grade 8 cannot read a grade 2 level text and that over 54% of grade 8 students cannot do simple division. These children, though still a part of the mainstream schooling system, are at risk of dropping out.


Pratham Supported Schools were launched in April 2013 as a pilot project with government schools in Himachal Pradesh. In 2014, Pratham Supported Schools were being implemented in 13 Indian states, reaching out to about 35,000 students. The programme has a clear focus on math, English, science, and basic life-skills to provide children with the necessary tools to cope not only with their school curriculum, but also their daily lives.