The Measurement, Monitoring & Evaluation (MME) unit of Pratham was established in 2013 to coordinate, standardize and streamline data collection, analyze data and put in place reporting processes for Pratham's Read India program. The unit has undergone multiple cycles of expansion and is now integrally involved in most programs run under Pratham's education portfolio.
Programs running on scale require proactive evidence based decision making at every stage of implementation – from design to field operations. At the same time data collection efforts, cannot be time and effort intensive. People at different levels of implementation have varying levels of comfort with data. Feedback loops for data collected need to be fast to make required information available at the right time.

The MME unit aims to make relevant data available to different levels of decision makers in a quick and easy to understand manner, as well as to build capabilities of personnel to draw insights from data to take course corrective actions.

MME activities for each Pratham intervention involve the following key activities:
Understand programs and stakeholders to identify what kind of data should be collected and visualized
Design frameworks, measures and methods as well as systems for data collection, analysis and reporting
Create technology products to increase access of all Pratham staff to relevant data and reduce time required for data collection
Train program implementers and provide ongoing support to field teams on data collection techniques
Carry out detailed on-field monitoring to ensure implementation is on track
Analyze data for insights for course correction and for improving the effectiveness of the program
Disseminate all reports and insights generated by the team to all members of the program implementation team
Create smart dynamic visualizations which are easy to access, use and understand for all stakeholders
Carry out capability building exercises with implementers on the understanding and usage of data for meaningful decision making.
Reach and Scale
The central project team consists of 18 personnel based out of Mumbai and Delhi. The back bone of the MME unit is the field team which provides on-ground support to implementers in 20 states. The field team consists of 65 personnel with 2-4 field associates in every state as per scale of work.
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