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Programme Associate, English Team

 About Pratham 

Pratham was founded in 1995, to provide pre-school education to children in Mumbai slums. Over the last 20 years Pratham has grown to be India’s largest NGO working to provide quality education to underprivileged youth and children in over 21 states and union territories across the country, with a range of interventions. Pratham is a widely recognized organization, having received notable awards such as the WISE Prize for Innovation, Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, the Henry R Kravis Prize in Leadership and the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year for Public Service. For more details, refer to 

 Programme Associate — Central English Team 

The position of an Associate in the Central English Team offers young, motivated, energetic people the opportunity to be an integral part of Pratham’s work across the country. The Central English Team functions along three simultaneous outlines: 

  • Development of quality learning content 
  • Building and reinforcement of teachers’ capacities, via training workshops on pedagogy and maximized learning techniques in Indian classrooms 
  • Tracking field progress, testing content feasibility and following reports 

Via extensive field visits for piloting, testing and implementing of content, the posting will impart a comprehensive grasp of field issues in education in India. The Associate’s role will consist of: 

 Content Development 

  • Learning material in English language: The Associate will create quality learner-centric material for adults as-well-as young learners in English language in conformity with the requirements of any project/region. 
  • Teacher-training material: The associate will design modern and dynamic training approaches that help teachers to communicate effectively in English language. He/she will also train teachers in various locations on the specific manuals and modules created. 
  • Others: The associate is expected to rapidly develop an understanding of the field, constantly ideate, create and test content and constructively assist in developing, editing, formatting, designing and distribution of English content. 

Capacity Building on Pedagogy 

  • Evaluation and research: The associate will continually evaluate English and allied Pratham projects across different states and assist in formulating standard capacity-building workshops/training programmes for English teachers. He/she will research and devise creative and productive pedagogical methods for maximizing classroom learning. 
  • Capacity building: The associate will build Pratham’s field staff’s capacity by handling project-specific trainings/workshops in various locations. By interacting with teachers on an on-going basis, he/she will understand the requirements of teachers and students, as-well-as design and implement changes wherever required. 

Tracking Field Progress 

  • Field visits: The associate will periodically make visits to project locations in order to personally gauge classroom issues, assist teachers and write reports on crucial field categories. 
  • Others: The associate may also be asked to work/travel with the Programme Management Group, Assessment Unit and Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation Unit for administering tests, recording results and following collated data to equip the English team with important perspectives. 

The associate will be based at Pratham’s office in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi but will be expected to travel to project locations extensively. 

Desired Qualifications and Experience 


  • Graduate degree 
  • Strong command over oral and written English language 
  • Discerning eye for editing and modifying content in English 
  • Ability to communicate fluently in Hindi 
  • Ability to work effectively in teams 
  • 0 – 2 years of work experience 
  • Strong interest in the goals of Pratham 
  • Comfortable with extensive field work and travel 
  • Willing to adjust to the different modes of transport (bus, train, etc.) and staying conditions 
  • Willingness to commit to 2 – 3 years of work with Pratham 
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple tasks efficiently 
  • Keeping oneself constantly updated on the broader educational context in India 


  • Past experience of teaching English 
  • Ability to communicate in one or more Indian languages 
  • Familiarity with rural and semi-urban regions of India 
  • Work experience in development projects 

Application Process 

1. Send the following to and mention ‘Application for the position of Program Associate – Central English Team’ in the subject line: 

i) Current Résumé: Résumé should contain 

  • Contact Information for Applicant 
  • Academic Background 
  • Universities Attended; Degrees Acquired 
  • Academic Record (Marks or GPA, if applicable) 
  • Past work experience, highlighting relevant skills 
  • Relevant Coursework: List Courses in Development, Management and Education 
  • Experiences in development, teaching and/or education (if applicable) 
  • Languages Spoken 

ii) Statement of Purpose (500 Words) 

2. Based on the résumé and Statement of Purpose, suitable candidates will be shortlisted for a brief telephonic interview and will be required to submit a written assignment. 

3. Further shortlisted candidates will be invited for a final round of interview. 

Application deadline: 

We are accepting applications on rolling basis till the position is filled. 


  • ₹ 18,000/- to ₹ 24,000/- per month. 
  • Salary shall be finalized based on the experience and skill set of candidates. Salary is negotiable for exceptional candidates. 
  • Travel, food and lodging costs for work related travel outside base location shall be separately borne or reimbursed on actuals by Pratham. 
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