Program Roles

Content Developer (Translation and Localization), Pratham Digital

About Pratham Open School
Pratham Open School is the digital content repository of ‘Pratham Education Foundation’. Over the last five years, Pratham has created and curated a vast repository of digital resources of over 5672 videos, 555 interactive games and 3 learning applications, across 11 regional languages.

Pratham’s Digital content has been created for three domains – preparation for school, preparation for life and preparation for work. There is something for everyone, from age 3 to 18+. These resources have been created to encourage groups and individuals to do activities and projects by themselves – with very minimal facilitation.

The videos and games are developed, keeping in mind the context and lived reality of the learner. The visuals, sound, and syntax of learning resources are vital to keeping children comfortable and engaged. If children see a village and an environment like their own and a protagonist like themselves, they will be able to connect to it easily.
These resources are available in 11 regional languages – Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, Urdu and Punjabi – and English. This complete repository is under creative commons license and is available to users free of cost for non-commercial purposes.
With the increased need for digital learning resources all across the nation, we look forward to strengthening our existing network in 11 languages, and diversifying our reach through content localization in other regional and tribal languages of India. Thus, your role will primarily entail supporting the digital program in achieving the aforementioned objectives for our translation network.

Process of translation and video production for Pratham Open School

Digital Content Production Flow

  • Development and sharing of script in Hindi and English with proper time stamps.
  • Translation of script in the regional language from internal or external resources.
  • Review and finalization of the script from the concerned subject and language expert (internal as well as external experts)
  • Provision of audio samples of voice artists for video dubbing
    Selection of the voice artist for dubbing of script
  • Dubbing at local studio
  • Finalizing the edited video with regional language voice over at local studio
  • Review and finalization of the video from subject and language expert (internal and external experts)
  • Uploading final video on Pratham Open School Website and YouTube channel as per language

Content Developer(Translation Network)

About the Role:

We are looking for a Content Developer to support and oversee end-to-end language translation & video production workflow of our translation network in the following regional Indian languages:

We currently require one individual for each of the 8 languages mentioned above .This is a full-time, year long contract position.


Translation/Review : Translation/Review of scripts of digital learning resources(videos, games, reading cards, remote course content, posters etc.) for varied age-groups on various subjects as per the domains of preparation for school, work and life.

Managing Regional Language Translation Network

  1. Overall Task management as per programmatic needs. You will be expected to prioritize translation/review and production as per urgency and ensure it’s completion within the specified timelines.
  2. Ensuring all translators, reviewers & studio teams are abreast about the immediate as well as monthly targets through regular communication.
  3. Resolving comments/queries from the translators, reviewers and studio teams through a smooth communication channel.
  4. Ensuring bottlenecks in the translation/review/video production pipeline are resolved timely so that the monthly targets are achieved.
  5. Exploring avenues of collaboration with more studios, subject experts, translators and reviewers for your specific languages, thereby expanding the localization network. Also, while exploring prospective collaborations, negotiating and finalizing appropriate rates with studios, translators and reviewers is crucial.
  • Supporting the central team
    Maintaining a clear tracking strategy for each stage of content development in the respective language. Ensure delay at every stage w.r.t to all resources are avoided.
  • Ensuring this overall tracking data is updated on the dashboard with utmost clarity, making it presentable to the internal team as well as external stakeholders.
  • Coordinating with the technical team to ensure content is uploaded and made accessible on our digital platforms(Youtube Channel, Pratham Open School website etc)
  • Keeping clear track of finances, developing quotations and MoU’s, and coordinating with the accounts team to ensure regular and accurate payments are made to studios, translators and reviewers.

You Need:

Basic Proficiency in one Regional Language, Hindi and English: In-depth grammatical knowledge of any language is not required, however, good enough knowledge for issue resolution is important.

Translation/Review Skills: Good command of respective regional language along with English/Hindi in order to carry out basic translation or review in a specific subject or multiple subjects. Prior experience in translation/review of scripts of digital content is desirable.

Basic subject knowledge: In-depth knowledge of any subject is not required, however, basic knowledge of subject-matter for resolution to the is important.

Technical Skills: MS word, MS excel, Google Drive, Google spreadsheets, and e-mail.

Project Management Skills: You are able to think through short and long term strategy as it relates to content creation priorities.

Essential Soft Skills

  • In this position, soft skills written below are most important:
  • Should be proactive
  • Must be comfortable with all accounts related formalities and maintain a clear strategy to track & manage finances.
  • Good communication skills for issue resolution and negotiation delivering effective feedback and for articulating how to make great ideas and content even better.
  • Organization and multitasking.
  • Hard-working and sincere
  • Willing to deal with ambiguity and learn on the job.
  • A true passion for education and a desire to change the world for the better.

How to Apply

  • Please submit your CV in this drive location: CD-CV(required).
  • Assignment 1: This sample video script is of a science video, under the ‘Preparation for School’ domain of Pratham Open School. The link to the video on our Pratham Open School has been provided on the top. Please click on the video link provided in Hindi or English as per your preference, and provide translations for:
    -Voiceover in regional language
    -Text on visual in the regional language
    Please refer to the Norms of Translation for better clarity on the translation process.
    Once the entire script has been translated, and reviewed by you, submit your translated script in this drive folder: CD-Translation Quality
  • Assignment 2: In about 1000-1500 words please share your thoughts on ‘Strengthening & Diversifying a Pan India Translation Network’, in the form of an essay. The standard script of the respective regional language should be used in the essay.
    Please submit your essays in pdf format in this drive folder: CD-Writing Sample

Along with submitting these documents in the respective folders, please write to us confirming your application at by April 1st, 2021.