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Associate (Video Producer and Editor) – Digital Innovations Pratham Digital

About Pratham’s Digital Initiatives
Pratham started its digital intervention with the Hybrid learning program in 400 villages of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh in the year 2015. In 2017 with the support of, and Sarva Mangal Family Trust this program expanded to over 1000 villages. The support led to the formation of core groups within Pratham, which produced over 350 videos in and about 70 learning games and software needed to deploy and monitor digital resources in the village communities. These resources are present in 11 regional languages and English
Subsequently, the digital resources were also made available in Pratham’s foundational programs and in the Early
Childhood Education support program on an experimental basis. The digital learning material (games and videos)
created for different age groups is available on Google Playstore as the PraDigi app and Read and Speak English App
along with YouTube and other learning platforms.
The digital hardware and software are currently available in various Pratham programs across 21 states with content
in 11 languages including Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Odiya, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and

Associate, Digital Innovations (Video Producer and Editor) – Job Description
The Associate (Video Producer and Editor) position in the Pratham Digital Team offers young, interested, energetic
people a unique opportunity to be an integral part of Pratham’s innovative work in the digital landscape. We are
looking for a person who can handle the content right from ideation stage to its delivery i.e., from pre-production to
post production. This is an opportunity to be part of an organization that is recognized for its innovation and
creativity in mission-driven content delivery.
Her/his main responsibilities include:
● Collaborates closely with other team members on developing video and other digital concepts and projects
● Designs and creates storyboards and scripts
● Participates actively in creative strategy development and media design ideas for the organisation
● Works with manipulating raw camera footage, virtual meeting recordings, dialogue, sound effects, graphics,
and special effects as needed
● Designs and delivers the high quality motion graphics optimized for video/web/social media dissemination
● Travels to rural areas to capture meaningful stories and responsible for editing and assembling recorded raw
material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting
● Tracks new content trends and technologies to ensure that output remains on the cutting edge
● Manages daily assigned tasks and even multi-task without compromising on the creativity

Desired Qualifications and Experience
● Bachelors’ degree in a related field (fine arts, multimedia production, journalism, or social sciences) with
relevant technical training in video and digital design and production
● 2-3 years prior work experience in as a video editor and producer role in private sector firms, NGOs or
● Ability to handle multimedia projects from conception to its completion and multi task efficiently
● Strong knowledge of post production processes
● Working knowledge of editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Final Cut
Pro & Adobe Photoshop
● Experience and/or knowledge in data visualization is an add on
● Experience in short-form storytelling through various editorial techniques including cuts, transitions, timing,
and the effective use of sound and visuals to communicate
● Keep abreast of the latest video marketing trends like animation, white sketch-board, AR/VR, 360 degree
videos, immersive video etc.
● Ability to hold camera for still and video recording
● Willingness to travel regularly and extensively in rural areas of India, with limited amenities
● Ability to communicate in Hindi
● Strong written and oral communication skills in English
● Ability to work well in teams
● Self-motivation, proactiveness, and attention to detail
● Willingness to commit to at least 2-3 years of work with Pratham

Application Process
Send the following before 5th June 2021 to with cc to mention
‘Application for the position of Associate (Video Producer and Editor) – Digital Innovations’ in the subject line, with
the following attachments.
Complete Application should contain:
1. Current Resume: Resume should contain
● Contact Information of the applicant
● Academic Background and Record (Marks or GPA, if applicable)
● Universities Attended, Degrees Acquired
● Past work experience, highlighting relevant skills and video editing software used
● Languages Spoken
2. Statement of Purpose (500 Words) and a portfolio of previous films/videos the applicant has worked on
Early Applicants will be given preference.
Date of Joining: Immediate
Location: Remote until further notice

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