• Pravesh Kumari


    From confined dreams to leading change, this leader mother redefines possibilities with education
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  • Dadi Rajpati

    Dadi Rajpati

    65-year-old woman from Haryana passionately drives the Children’s Club in the village
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  • Chirag


    Learning activities help six-year-old Haryana boy to gain confidence and express better
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  • Bisro


    Age is just a number for Bisro, a woman of resilience and determination
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  • Jaga and Balia

    Twins, Jaga and Balia, transformed from struggling readers to enthusiastic learners at CAMaL ka Camp
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  • Chintamoni

    Chintamoni's passion for learning took a significant turn after she became a Pratham volunteer
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  • Ragini

    A Pratham volunteer’s ingenious solution sparks a big impact at CAMaL Ka Camp
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  • Bulti Hembrom

    A mother powers through to ignite change through education in rural West Bengal
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  • Aradhya

    Instead of going to her grandparents house, this summer, Aradhya attended CAMaL Ka Camp
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