A Treasure Trove of Stories!

A year ago, on Children’s Day 2020, Pratham and Pratham Books’ StoryWeaver (an initiative of Pratham Books) announced a collaboration to develop and grow a repository of free, openly licensed reading resources for young children. This Children’s Day, marking the anniversary of this collaboration, over one thousand stories will be made available for public access across two platforms – Pratham Education Foundation’s Pratham Open School and StoryWeaver.

Come join us as we celebrate with the Kahaniyaan hi Kahaniyaan campaign!

Scroll down for THE Story of the Day starting Nov 14!

Starting November 14, for a whole week, children across communities will receive a story a day to read, act out, listen to or draw! You, your team, and all family members are invited to join this campaign. Pick your own story from the links above or visit this page to access the story and activity of the day!

So what are you waiting for? Come explore the world of stories at Pratham Open School and StoryWeaver.


Story of the Day


Access the story at the link below: 

--> Pratham Open School


Choose your favourite story and make up your own activity! Don't forget to involve the little ones!

The above link is to the Hindi version of the story, you can find other languages on the POS platform.

You can mail your submissions to communications@pratham.org or post on social media and tag us!


About the Campaign

To celebrate this growing repository of stories, we are launching the Kahaniyaan hi Kahaniyaan campaign. Starting November 14, for a week Pratham teams in 20 states will work with local volunteers, mothers, and community members to share one story a day and do a variety of activities like role play, drawing and storytelling among others. Through Pratham and StoryWeaver’s online channels, we will share with the world glimpses of these stories as they are brought to life through the activities that children and communities do with them.

What to look forward to

  • Stories in 10 Indian languages and English
  • “Special Story Packs” in regional languages 
  • Fun activities to get you going!

Stories in ten Indian languages and English

Children who are learning to read need to have easy and steady access to simple, interesting and fun stories.  The Pratham-StoryWeaver collaboration now has uploaded more than 600 stories in Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Odia, Urdu, Assamese, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu and English. 


“Special Story Packs” in regional languages 

In addition to the collection of new stories on StoryWeaver, a rich variety of additional stories are also available on the Pratham Open School website. You can “read”, “listen” and use “highlighted” stories. There are “special packs” which are truly special as the stories are from different kinds of people who are usually not considered to be writers but love reading and children. The special packs from Himachal, Tripura and Assam have stories written by government school teachers, cluster, block, district and state level officials. In the Assam special pack, there are stories for emergent readers as well as fluent readers with colourful illustrations by local artists that capture the flavour of the region and its communities. The package includes content in Assamese as well as many of the other languages in Assam, such as Rabha (Rangdani), Rabha (Koch), Santhali and Bodo. From Bihar we have a collection of 100 stories written and illustrated by people in Bihar. Bangla stories are largely from rural areas including lovely stories written by teachers and children of a primary school. Punjab’s special pack includes stories on water and sanitation that were developed with the help of the government’s water and sanitation department. There are also audio stories in Hindi and English (in collaboration with Aaate Bate) and highlighted stories in Hindi and Marathi that make reading fun.

What next

This campaign is a small step towards the goal of building a vast treasure trove of thousands of stories that can be freely available in all Indian languages for children in India. 

Come join us not only for the week of Kahaniyaan hi Kahaniyaan but also on this exciting journey of enabling every child in India to read.