Pratham addresses gaps in education systems with innovative, low-cost, replicable interventions that span the age spectrum. Working both directly and through government systems, these programs collectively reach millions of children and thousands of school dropouts each year. In “direct” work, a Pratham instructor works with children either in the school or in the community, whereas the “partnership” model involves Pratham teams working closely with government teams at the state, district or city level to design and implement programs. Pratham’s approach to improving learning outcomes continues to serve as a model, both within India and beyond.


Early Childhood Education

Pratham’s Early Childhood Education program works with children in the age group of 3-6 years on physical, language, cognitive and social-emotional development.


Grounded in Pratham’s Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) approach, interventions with Grades 1-5 are proven effective at improving children’s reading and math learning outcomes.

Beyond Elementary

The Second Chance program provides school dropouts—especially women—with another chance at education, focusing on Grade 10 completion.

Digital Initiatives

Across age groups, Pratham leverages innovative technology so children and youth can take education into their own hands.

International Collaborations

Adaptations of the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) approach address children’s low learning levels in countries around the world.

Pratham is supporting SCERT Maharashtra in the NIPUN Maharashtra mission by facilitating a mother engagement program aimed at increasing mothers' participation in their child's learning. As part of this effort, 260,000+ mothers' groups have been formed. Pratham trained several layers of department officials on creating and engaging mothers' groups and shared weekly digital content which goes out to all mothers' groups.We thank VVOB - education for development for championing this work! ... See MoreSee Less
Over May and June, the School Readiness Mela is conducted in several states for young children preparing to enter Grade 1. The Mela is a series of engaging activities designed to assess physical, cognitive, language, pre-math, and socio-emotional development skills. At each of the five interactive stalls, dedicated volunteers guide children through various activities in a playful manner, ensuring they feel comfortable. These activities range from walking down a curvy line to check their physical development to narrating a story to check their language skills. Now that’s a fun way to learn!#PrathamEducationFoundation#funlearning #readyforschool #schoolreadinessmela #EnrichingExperience #childdevelopment #parentinvolvement ... See MoreSee Less
Step right into our School Readiness Mela! 🎪 A place where kindergarteners will prepare for their big leap to grade 1! Our mission? Cultivating a love for learning, building self-confidence, and supporting parents in their child's educational journey. 🌈✨At our Mela, little ones embark on a captivating learning adventure through seven interactive stalls. Each stall offers enjoyable activities that assess their growth in five developmental domains. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow!#PrathamEducationFoundation#funlearning #readyforschool #schoolreadinessmela #childdevelopment #parentinvolvement ... See MoreSee Less
After the intensive training and orientation, our volunteers are pumped and ready to begin the Summer Camp a.k.a CAMaL Ka Camp in their community. They are excited to support children with their language and math skills while immersing themselves in the learning activities. We wish them all the best!#summercamp #camalkacamp #learning #funlearning #children #LanguageSkills #mathskills #PrathamEducationFoundation ... See MoreSee Less
On World Environment Day, we shared a story from our special Kahani Train series. The story revolved around the Earth's birthday, encouraging these young minds to be environmentally responsible. At the end of the story, children participated in engaging activities. Stories came to life through plays, creativity bloomed with vibrant colours, and imaginative poems. It was a celebration of the power of fun, learning and the love for our planet.#environment #WorldEnvironmentDay2023 #children #learning #stories #birthday #PrathamEducationFoundation ... See MoreSee Less