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Kahani Train Campaign: Nayi Dhara-Rekhta-Pratham Education Foundation

“For a long time, I’ve had this dream that every child in India should be able to listen to one story everyday. Today, it feels like Nayidhara, Rekhta and Pratham coming together will make this dream come true."

-Dr. Rukmini Banerji

As part of our effort to build a rich and diverse repository of children’s stories, Pratham has recently entered into a partnership with two well known organizations – Nayi Dhara and Rekhta. To formally initiate this partnership, we have organized a campaign to share and celebrate the initial series of audio-stories. In this campaign, this series of Hindi audio-stories are being disseminated by state teams in Hindi-speaking states for use with children from Std 1 to 8. Volunteers, mothers, guardians and community members are getting the opportunity to hear and discuss an exciting new story every day.

The Kahani Train audio story repository can be accessed here: