Tameshwari: Journey From Homemaker To Wage Earner

Second Chance program enables homemaker from Chhattisgarh to become financially independent

In the village of Mongarapali, Chhattisgarh, Tameshwari Banjare's life followed a well-worn path. Having dropped out of school after facing the disappointment of failing her Grade 10 exams, her daily life centered around the roles of a dedicated mother and wife, committed to her family and household responsibilities.

In 2020, a glimmer of hope entered Tameshwari's life in the form of Pratham's Second Chance Program. This program is designed to empower women and girls who, like Tameshwari, had once left their education incomplete. With unwavering determination, she seized this opportunity, reigniting her educational journey after a hiatus of 15 years. The result? Tameshwari not only completed her Grade 10 exams but did so with distinction.

The Second Chance Program offered more than just academic credentials. Through its life skills classes, it nurtured Tameshwari's self-confidence and personal development. With her newfound confidence, she secured a job as a guard in a mall.

Today, Tameshwari stands as a beacon of success. Her income sustains her family, and her story has sparked inspiration close to home. Her daughter, inspired by her mother's journey, embarked on her own educational revival through the Second Chance Program.

“It is important for women to be educated, not only for job opportunities but for their self-respect," says Tameshwari.

Her story is a testament to the power of second chances, highlighting how education can break barriers and enable financial independence, ultimately reshaping lives and futures.