Jyoti: Volunteer who worked hard to become healthcare professional

Started as a Pratham Volunteer, she is now a nursing assistant

Jyoti Bhoyna is a determined young woman from Kanker, Chhattisgarh – one of the backward areas of India. At 23, Jyoti is already shouldering the responsibility of her parents and two younger siblings. Her father, who worked at a neighborhood shop, has not been keeping well recently.

Despite the challenges, Jyoti possessed an unwavering spirit and a deep desire to make a difference in her community. It was this passion that led her to Pratham. She first joined Pratham as a volunteer under the Hamara Gaon program. She conducted activities at learning camps and assessments to check the learning levels of children. She joined as a volunteer when she was in Grade 9 and continued the work till Grade 12. She found great joy in working with children and motivated other young individuals in her village to join the volunteer work.

After completing Grade 12 education, Jyoti decided to further enhance her skills by enrolling in a Nursing Assistant course under Pratham's Skilling program. She traveled to the Raipur center, determined to equip herself with the knowledge and training necessary to pursue a career in healthcare.

She secured a job at a homecare agency upon completing the course with a starting salary of Rs 9,000 per month. Over time, her commitment and competence earned her a salary raise, and now, she is earning Rs 11,000 per month.

Inspired by her sister's progress, Umeshwari, Jyoti's younger sister, also decided to follow in her footsteps. Umeshwari became a volunteer with Pratham, helping children in their educational journey. When Jyoti landed her job at the Homecare agency, she advocated for her sister, assuring the agency that Umeshwari would learn quickly. 

Jyoti's journey from a small village to the city of Raipur was not without its challenges. Some people back in her village criticized her for venturing out on her own. However, Jyoti remained undeterred, for she knew she had the unwavering support of her family. Her determination and success is an inspiration to other young women.