Chirag: A Story Of Overcoming Obstacles Through Education and Support

Learning activities help six-year-old Haryana boy to gain confidence and express better

Six-year-old Chirag has an indomitable spirit. He lives in Bharukhera village in Haryana’s Sirsa district, with his parents, grandmother, and a younger sister. Chirag has faced speech difficulties since his childhood, struggling with communicating. His father, a farmer, faced financial constraints that limited his ability to provide quality care and medical support to Chirag. In 2022, when Chirag was five, Pratham’s team members met him at the Anganwadi centre in his village. 

Chirag's story took a turning point with the intervention of Pratham's ECE (Early Childhood Education) program. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, emphasizing on physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, and math development, the program engaged with Chirag in a way that was never done before. Activities like paper folding, ball games, and colouring, and engaging conversations with friends along with joyful rhymes, played a pivotal role in boosting Chirag's confidence.

At first, Chirag was hesitant, but he gradually began participating and enjoying the activities like counting and jumping exercises. His favourite rhyme, 'Ek Mota Hathi' became a symbol of his progress. He showed remarkable progress with continuous support from the Anganwadi teacher and Pratham's team members. He began to actively engage with his friends, sing songs, and gained competence in counting and reading.

The impact extended beyond Chirag's learning levels. His new found confidence and determination made him speak about his ambition as he shared, “I will become a police officer when I grow up and protect my village from thieves.” 

Chirag's parents, once concerned about their son's future, now joyfully embraced Pratham’s activities as part of their daily routine. 

Chirag's story serves as an inspiration, reminding us all that with the right support and guidance, every child can overcome obstacles and strive for a brighter future.