The lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to school closure across the country. While children are not physically attending school, many state government education departments have been proactive in developing technology solutions to engage children and teachers through online platforms. Moreover, they are using existing communication channels such as WhatsApp and SMS or radio/ television to share resources and engage with teachers and children.

In this context, many state governments are engaging with Pratham to design outreach leveraging:

  • Digital content from prathamopenschool.org and the Pradigi App
  • WhatsApp and SMS content for specific age and grades
  • Radio and IVR content


So far, we have collaborated with 11 state governments to enable remote learning across the country. Our state teams are working side by side respective state governments to share digital resources, map learning content subject and grade-wise and ensuring its reach far and wide.

Our digital content is also available on the National Teacher Training Platform (Diksha) which can be accessed by government teachers and school authorities and has been uploaded on a variety of distance learning portals (EAA, Kolibri).

Our International collaborations team is working with governments and NGO partners in Africa and other countries to support remote learning initiatives.

Here are some glimpses!

Partnering with the HP government


For more information, contact us at resources@pratham.org

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